Process Automation Solutions

process automationTo stay ahead in an increasingly competitive world, process manufacturers are continually challenged to increase efficiency and throughput. Process manufacturers who are seeking to optimize their operations are driving their productivity by leveraging technological innovations.

Investing in new process control technologies can improve your control over complex, interactive processes, while providing increased access to plant floor visualization and control. By incorporating a connected enterprise, you provide availability of actionable data which can be leveraged to streamline your operations.

Process Automation Solutions

Our engineers have extensive experience with process automation, including,

We have process experience in a number of industries, utilizing a variety of platforms. We firmly believe that developing a complete understanding your processes and equipment, as well as your challenges and goals, is critical to success.

We first work with you to design and develop a complete and detailed process definition, and then we apply our automation experience and offer solutions that control, monitor, analyze, and integrate your systems. Our solutions help you to increase efficiency and reduce costs, optimize your operations, and provide seamless integration of all your systems.

Our services include:

Our relationships and partnership with industry-leading partners allow us to draw on their strengths and couple that with our experience and capabilities to help implement a strategy that works for you.

Relevant Case Studies

Below are case studies detailing the automated solutions we've recently provided to our clients.

case study

Spray Dryer Upgrade

A powdered food manufacturer was faced with the challenge of a major upgrade to the controls of an existing spray dryer which had been in service for many years. Read More ...

case study

Lubricants Modern DCS

When sales exceeded capacity for a privately owned grease and lubricant manufacturer, the company decided to invest in a new manufacturing facility. Read More ...

case study

Water Filtration Process Automation

Indiana American Water Company, a subsidiary of the largest publicly traded water and wastewater utility company in the United States, is dedicated to delivering high-quality water and innovative solutions to customers in the Northwest Indiana area. Read more ...

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