Case Study: Pharmaceutical Reporting System

The Challenge

Pharmaceutical Reporting SystemThe St. Louis plant of a Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturer undertook a major GMP initiative in order to align their manufacturing facility with corporate and industry best practices. Monitoring and maintaining building environment variables was a critical element of the initiative. McEnery Automation was chosen to incorporate a system to provide real-time monitoring and alarming, as well as historization and reporting of their system.

The Solution

McEnery Automation worked closely with representatives of the manufacturer to fully understand the system needs and limitations. McEnery engineers designed and implemented a new control system architecture utilizing Rockwell Automation CompactLogix processors with distributed Point I/O and Rockwell FactoryTalk View ME. Our engineers were responsible for specifications of electrical components, field devices, and PLC hardware, design of control panels, and development of PLC programs and HMI applications. In order to provide a seamless transparent system with a robust platform, we provided for an isolated network ring with connectivity to their existing plant floor network. To achieve this, we incorporated a Rockwell/Cisco Stratix 2000 switch, along with a Rockwell ETAP module and Rockwell series 9300 NAT device. For historization and reporting, McEnery engineers leveraged the capabilities of Rockwell Software Historian and VantagePoint software. The new system provides real-time data and alarming, with simple configuration of operational parameters and recipes.

The Result

The new system has dramatically improved reporting capabilities, providing quicker access to reliable, actionable, real-time data. The new system provides trending windows with easy access to live or archived data points in a flexible, customizable portal. New production reports have been created leading to increased accuracy in tracking operational parameters with daily, weekly, monthly, and annual reports. These reports are enabling the plant to better identify issues, and increase consistency by providing information which had previously not been monitored.