Lubricants & Petroleum Industry Solutions

lubricantsVarious formulations in the Petroleum industry challenge engineers to find the right production solutions to achieve each customer's specific needs and goals. From batch and blending to process controls, these solutions must work together to achieve superior results.

Our team has supplied a number of solutions for major lubricant and petroleum manufacturers. Our approach has resulted in the streamlined production scheduling, inventory management, shipping and more for a long list of satisfied clients.

Relevant Case Studies

Below are case studies detailing the solutions we've recently provided to our clients in the lubricants and petroleum industries.

case study

Lubricants Modern DCS

When grease and lubricant sales exceeded capacity for a privately owned grease and lubricant manufacturer, the company decided to partner with McEnery Automation to implement a virtualized batch automation system. Read More ...

case study

Motor Oil Batch Control System

McEnery helped Philips 66 to transition their existing batch systems to newer leading edge technologies which would provide greater reliability as well as enhanced functionality. Read More ...