Food & Beverage

food beverage industryMcEnery Automation offers a wealth of experience in providing a wide range of automated control systems for Food & Beverage companies. Our team has successfully engineered solutions in process controls, batch and blending, and packing line automation for brewers, food processors, bottlers and more.

Included in our Food & Beverage experience are more than 50 projects for the world’s leading brewer. Implemented at breweries throughout the United States and Canada, these projects have involved improvements to existing processes, along with installation of new systems. Downtime has been minimal, typically less than 24 hours, to ensure production continues with no or minimal disruption.

We have also provided services in the production and/or packaging of dairy products, powdered foods and ingredients, salad dressings and sauces, soft drinks and tea, liquor, grains, sugars, and oils.

Our engineers have extensive process control knowledge and understand process design and how to optimize its performance, with expertise in S88 Batch, Blending, Procedural and Continuous Process Control, Late Product Differentiation, Complex Manifolds and Utilities.

We use our insight to deliver scalable solutions in brewing, fermenting, complex batching, blending, material tracking, pasteurization, CIP, sanitization, spray drying, refrigeration and high-speed packaging applications.

Relevant Case Studies

Below are case studies detailing the solutions we've recently provided to our clients in the food and beverage industry. 

case study

Soft Drink Batch System

A major soft drink company manufactures the global supply of their signature syrup at a single facility—making this operation an extremely vital part of the company’s production network. Read More ...

case study

Spray Dryer Upgrade

A powdered food manufacturer was faced with the challenge of a major upgrade to the controls of an existing spray dryer which had been in service for many years. Read More ...

case study

Brewing MES Standard

A global beverage producer required a replacement for numerous custom-developed legacy data collection and reporting systems in use at their 18 North American (NA) facilities. Read More ...

case study

Coffee Creamer Batch Automation

A leading global food company required a dynamic system to handle numerous recipes and frequent process modifications to replace their existing system, which was causing costly inefficiencies and downtime. Read more ...

case study

Research Brewery Control System

A major global brewery increased flexibility, recipe control and data reporting capability for their research brewery facility with a modernized control system from McEnery Automation. Read more ...

case study

Brewery Packing Line Automation

A major global brewer was installing a new packaging line at one of their breweries and required the assistance of McEnery Automation to develop the new control system. Read more ...