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In today’s competitive world, it is crucial for manufacturers to be innovative and dynamic. They are continually challenged to quickly deliver the highest quality, most consistent products to an ever-changing marketplace. McEnery Automation provides manufacturers with the tools necessary to meet these challenges.

We’ve been a leader in the control systems and factory automation industry for over 22 years and Our success is a direct result of our methodologies. First we focus on understanding your processes and equipment which includes identifying the specific challenges and problems. Then we apply our automation experience and offer solutions that control, monitor, analyze, and integrate your systems. 

control systems automationOur services include:

Our relationships and partnership with industry-leading partners allow us to draw on their strengths and couple that with our experience and capabilities to help implement a strategy that works for you.

Relevant Case Studies

Below are case studies detailing the solutions we've recently provided to our clients in the consumer products industry.

case study

Consumer Products Packaging Line Migration

A Global consumer products supplier uses an on-site warehouse to accumulate finished cases, palletize unit loads, stretch wrap completed loads, and send the unit load information to a global supervisory pallet tracking system. Read more ...

case study

Brewery Packing Line Automation

A major global brewer was installing a new packaging line at one of their breweries which was dedicated to a new proprietary specialty package associated with a major marketing initiative. Read more ...

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