Batch and Blending Automation

batch blendingFor today's manufacturers to stay competitive, it is imperative that they achieve excellence in their manufacturing processes, with consistent and predictable performance, while maintaining operational agility. The integration of an ISA S88-based Batch Control System can help process manufacturers easily achieve their goals.

Batch control systems provide operators and managers with the ability to easily visualize what’s happening on their plant floor, while providing the ability to easily and effectively manage and control their process.

Batch Automation Expertise

Our engineers have extensive experience with the design and implementation of batch automation systems, utilizing a variety of platforms. By first taking the time to understand our customers’ needs and challenges, we are able to design and implement batch solutions that provide flexibility and scalability.

Many of our batch systems provide the ability to integrate both automated processes and manual adds. A significant component of our batch systems is the ability to easily build, modify and manage recipes, which provides our customers with the ultimate level of flexibility and customization. Built in batch archiving and reporting systems allow easy access to actionable data, allowing stakeholders to make effective business decisions.

Our services include:

Our relationships and partnership with industry-leading partners allow us to draw on their strengths and couple that with our experience and capabilities to help implement a strategy that works for you.

Relevant Case Studies

Below are case studies detailing the batch and blending solutions we've recently provided to our clients. 

case study

Food & Beverage Batch Automation

A leading global food company required a dynamic system to handle numerous recipes and frequent process modifications to replace their existing system, which was causing costly inefficiencies and downtime. Read more ...

case study

Consumer Products Batch Control System

We worked with the customer to design and implement a new control system architecture utilizing Rockwell Automation’s FactoryTalk Batch 10.0 and Microsoft SQL for data logging. Read more ...

case study

Lubricant Plant Batch Control System

McEnery helped Philips 66 to transition their existing batch systems to newer leading edge technologies which would provide greater reliability as well as enhanced functionality. Read More ...

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